The center of services offered are conceptualization skills mastered over two decades of design education and experience working with a wide array of tools from timeless sketching through to staying up to speed with the latest emerging prototyping applications.

Sketching (low fidelity)

Sketching is a constant, whether it be during the initial research phase to jot down ideas while observing an end user fumble through a task, white-boarding with a colleague ideas on how a sitemap nav should be arranged, or at the tail end of a project to communicate with a developer in an agile environment what changes to an alpha version application. Always sketching!



Wireframing (Medium fidelity)

Typically wireframing starts out during the end of research phase whereby it’s time to start utilizing what’s being learned to start formulating concepts to investigate  solutions regarding layout, navigation, content strategy, API usage, etc.

Below is an example used to communicate with clients their existing site structure compared to what is being proposed providing greater clarity to the ramification to changes in strategy.



Below and example to communicate the nomenclature of a new trading widget.


Interactive User Interface (UI) Prototypes (high fidelity)

Following initial reviews with management and SMEs of the wireframing the next step is moving on to create interactive wireframes with a bit more visual details added as well. This allows for all to get a closer idea to how the new interface will look and function. Click to play with one quickly created to communicate: layout, navigation, personalization, marketing, login, search, etc. with a client.



Developed Functional Prototype Collaboration (with Developers)

Concept work takes development concerns into consideration pretty early on with the goal to utilize elements of existing JS Libraries (frameworks and widgets) to aid in speed and ease with with development can occur. Below: an example of quick dialogue with a developer to make adjustments.

dev corrections


Finally an example of a wireframe transitioning a marketing page from uninformative and uninspiring to one that increased sales leads.

bm progress large.jpg