I am not a graphic designer, nor do I care to be one, and I would never say that I can compete against some great graphic designers who work in that arena day in and day out (have a solid amount of respect for them). That said being a solid UX designer requires a multitude of various skills and in regards to visual design, when needed I think I have considerable chops.



Brand and Marketing are often aspects of UX consideration particularly during B2C work. I have helped support marketing teams with infographics, advertising concepts, promotional space designed into new interfaces, efforts to increase brand awareness, conference promotion, etc.




Below are two examples of infographic work created to clarify the often unclear detailed benefits for companies to utilize certain cloud computing services.

  1. Poster: An aviation related infographic (and cross section) digital and physical poster provided to clients
  2. Website module: A three pronged thumbnail advert section of a marketing web page to entice businesses by illustrating ROI benefits.


Data Visualization

For all the information overload occurring in the modern world it’s crucial for we humans to see that information translated in easily understandable visuals. My design work constantly pushed increased usage of visual information over text and as such it’s often recommend the integration of 3rd party existing apps.

See below: investigation and recommendation for a non-profit to modernize their site to reformat very useful information from a convoluted multi-page UI over to a easy to comprehend and engaging tree map JS module.


UI Style Guides

Have worked on managing (and pitching in on) the creation of 3 UI Style guides. They mostly covered:

  1. UX Process
  2. Research
  3. UI Elements/ Widgets
  4. Patterns
  5. Visual Design 


Executive and Pitch Presentations

Below is just one example of many in which execs and salespersons have turned to me to draft or review their presentations or sales pitches. I enjoy providing another viewpoint to ensure that what they’re showing clearly (and cleanly) communicates the desired intent of walking the audience through an existing situation/problem, how it affects the company, and how we can resolve and improve the situation with what we have to offer.

exec presentation

Below: is quick high fidelity visual design of a social networking app  to show execs the direction the entire project was going  …and yes the design is a ‘bit’ dated but this was nearly a decade ago and quite ahead of it’s time. *More recent work can’t always be shown.

UI concept