Personnel, Product, Project Management and Business Dev

Personnel Management


Three years managing nearly a dozen direct reports (their workload scheduling, performance evaluations, career growth/training, etc).

Eight years managing and mentoring dozens of junior designers and business analysts in the U.S. and abroad. Left: Volunteered with United Way’s – First Step Program helping homeless women improve their resume, interviewing, and job skills to achieve self-sufficiency.

Work has additionally entailed coordinating planning with other managers/directors, delegation of tasks with (and to) other disciplines, budgeting annual and project expenditures, assisting marketing with convention planning, as well as aiding executives in decision making and client / shareholder presentation planning.

Product Management

Considerable experience related to definition of the scope both creating alone, and assisting with dedicated PMs, to build and track requirements as well as performance when launched. Championing UX in the development process is a constant pursuit. Experience also includes collaboration on business goal definition, pricing, marketing, etc.

 an example of UX requirement creation, priority triaging, and tracking followed by Key Performance Indicator (KPI) tracking. mobile-project-management-fkpis.jpg

Project Management

Well versed in execution and delivery of the product’s (or service’s) scope in an agile, waterfall, or hybrid, development environment. Experience includes managing UX team tasks and well as other disciplines tasks from conception through to launch. Work has also included collaboration with PM tools such as: JIRA, Scrumworks, Trello, Basecamp, MS Project and good ole Excel. Below: is an example of planning for UX tasks.


Business Development

Desire for continued career growth has led me in recent years to spend more effort on business development. I’m very keen to the need for UX design to not only improve user experiences but also for those who make high level decisions and hold the purse strings to feel comfortable with a clear ROI. I’ve helped land projects and funding by promoting the growing importance of UX KPIs in project pitches.

I believe my work over a decade has aided companies increase revenue and reduce costs in unknown number of $ millions; but specifically in regards to directly contributing (in lead and team member roles) to winning new business/funding my current tally of these efforts is:

$5.6 million

in funding assists. Breakdown below:

Award Year Employer Client/Project
$70k 2018 Healthcare Co. New Facility/Modernization
$350k 2016 IT Agency Financial Inst. (App Upgrade)
$1 million 2015 Financial Inst. Services Marketplace (round 2)
$50k 2014 Financial Inst. College Sponsored Project
$100k 2014 Financial Inst. Services Marketplace (round 1)
$4m 2009 Telecom Provider Partnership
$40k 2007 Aerospace Aircraft Crew-station Mock-up