Optimizing Business Insider for device agnostic adaptive/responsive experience

The following is an adaptive design example created demonstrating how to address site optimization across multiple devices (and resolutions).


Click on the image to open a working example prototype in which you can adjust your browser to see the various design breakpoints!

Using Axure’s ‘Adaptive View’ feature I created a set list of breakpoint sizes, which serve as design change points between a range target devices (and orientation). They are:

  1. Mobile Portrait (iPhone 6 in portrait orientation)
  2. Mobile Landscape (Samsung S5 in landscape orientation)
  3. Tablet Portrait (iPad in portrait orientation)
  4. Tablet Landscape (Samsung Tab in landscape orientation)
  5. Laptop/Small Monitor (A typical Laptop)
  6. Large Monitor (1700px plus large business Monitor)

* Axshare alternative concept link

Optimization Aspects

Click on the two thumbnails below to see details regarding how a media site could be optimized in order to:

  1. Increase traffic
  2. Increase mobile usability
  3. Improve personalization and user engagement
  4. Reduce wasted/empty space in certain devices and utilize that space to increase (both 3rd party and self) advertising

Mobile (below) and Desktop (far below) Optimized

Mobile-Optimization Monitor-Optimization

Adaptive vs Responsive

‘Adaptive’ and ‘Responsive’ design are essential today based on the great variety of devices viewers experience sites from. In short Adaptive design is a design with multiple fixed width layouts. Responsive design is a design with multiple fluid grid layouts. The design example at right is technically adaptive; however an adaptive prototype is also useful for collaborating on responsive designs as well.

* To learn more about these and other site frameworks visit the links below:

What is the difference between responsive vs. adaptive web design?: A good summary of the difference written by Ryan Boudreaux

Fixed, Fluid, Adaptive, and Responsive: A brief tutorial by Treehouse