B2B UX marketing site upgrades led for BMC Software (included developers, technical writers, marketing, analytics, and legal).

Effort increased sales lead generation (support 6-12 month sales cycles) and promoted the company’s cloud online presence over competition.

1. Redesign Performance

During FY 13 proven by corresponding site UX metrical performance improvements helped increase service contracts and revenue“Cloud-related license bookings rose nearly 30 percent in the fiscal 2013 first half compared to the fiscal 2012 first half.”

A. Cloud Gateway Page



Traffic Increase
Reduction in Misdirected Traffic
From external sites infers SEO and promotional efforts are working From CLM and CCM shows new page designs are keeping users from having to return to the Gateway.

B. Cloud Computing Management (CCM) Page

.7 to 1.8


Minutes on Average
Reduction in Lost Traffic
Time on the page improved considerably. To the product finder widget with noticeable increased drill-down on content.

C. Cloud Lifecycle Management Page

1.5 to 2.1


Minutes on Average
Increase in traffic to Community Pages
Time on the page improved considerably. Increased visitor interaction and engagement prompted greater number of referrals from existing clients to prospective clients for services.

D. SEO and the Intangible



Increase in Referrer Domains
Intangible Increase of Interest
External Referrer Domains: Gateway, CLM, and CCM exploded in quantity (most were variations of Google but a few Facebook, Bing, Yahoo, Cloudbuzz, and Cloudtweeks referrers) Increased personalization and graphics built increased trust and awareness of capability.

2. The Design and Development Process

A. Research

  1. Competitive and emerging technology analysis to develop cloud pages exceeding competition
  2. Metrics analysis and business persona development to understand shortfalls of existing pages, draft future KPIs, and create a desired future tracking project management spreadsheet.
Omniture SEO evaluation
Stakeholder Card Sort
Metric Analysis

B. Design

  1. Competitive and emerging technology analysis to develop cloud pages exceeding competition
  2. Address marketing updates such as new customer case studies, videos, and product upgrades1) Rapid wireframing and detailed visual proofs pursuing increased Time On Page , better information grouping, and personalization
  3. Pushed to clarify marketing messaging, add FAQs, and infographics to better differentiate us from the pack
  4. Provided design direction to visual team on three infographics. One example:
wireframeMCO infographic

C. Development

  1. Improvement to Content Management System (CMS) templates and Revision and Refinement
  2. Increase cross-linking, textual, and visual SEO presence to drive traffic and meet KPIs

D. Evaluation


  1.  Feature, SEO, and analytics testing
  2. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – Quarterly reports on traffic sources, time on page, contacts, and media accessed.

* Before and After

A comparison between the original page and the refreshed/optimized page on the right with the design wireframe in between.